Top Gear's Test Track Gets the Google Maps Treatment; Now Available in Street View



Here’s a little bit of fun for our UK readers. Google Maps’ street view now covers an incredible amount of the world and allows us to take a look at areas of the world in a way we never thought possible before. However, it’s not always been used for completely practical purposes and we’ve all had our fun finding something funny with the service. Still, it’s one of the bigger things that Google is known for outside of us Android fans and as such, Google have teamed up with the BBC to send Street View round the Top Gear track. More specifically, this is a reasonably priced Street View car versus The Stig in an incredibly powerful Mercedes Benz. As always, Stig is fighting fair here…

The video from the BBC is pretty funny, even if it is a little short and sweet. It would be nice to see more of the Street View car in action, but we suppose we’ll just have to settle for a super-sweet sports car showing us how it’s done. The whole point of the exercise however, is to map out the Top gear test track for all to explore using Street View, which you can now do. All you need to do is to head on over to here to explore the Top Gear track for yourself. We know what you were thinking, we thought the Top Gear track was going to be more exciting than that too, but it is just part of an airstrip so what more did you expect?

With this testosterone-filled expenditure, Google have probably turned a lot of Top Gear fans and petrolheads onto Google Maps – as if it wasn’t already super-popular – and the BBC and Top Gear have presumably gained a little more exposure this week. Either way, this is a fun little video that our UK Editor thoroughly enjoyed, for reasons that are wholly obvious. Take a look.

Via: GSMArena
Source: YouTube