Throwback Thursday; A Look Back At Smartphone Evolution Leading Up To The G Flex

The smartphone has come a long way, and beyond that, the mobile phone itself has evolved quite a bit since the first widely and commercially available mobile phone. In honor and spirit of the theme Throwback Thursday, we're taking a look back at some of the mobile phones most memorable moments that led to the inevitable evolution of the Smartphone and the way it is today. The very first smartphone would drop its jaw to the floor if it had a brain and could comprehend the features of today's mobile devices, and the first mobile phones would do the same if they could have seen the very first smartphone and what it was capable of. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the stuff we have seen come and go over the years of owning and using mobile devices.

Let's first journey back to 1992, when in the month of December, the very first commercial SMS message was sent out. We all have to remember the days of early SMS messages. Getting your very first mobile phone where you could text back and forth was a monumental occasion for most of us. It allowed us a totally new way to communicate quickly and discreetly, so as not to disturb others, or perhaps even exchange answers to an all important test in class? We're sure none of our readers did such things. Jumping forward, in 1998 mobile phones began to get customization treatment. You were finally able to put your own spin on your mobile phone and show everyone your unique taste, by customizing your mobile with covers, backplates, and flashy lights. Despite how ridiculous some of us might think the lights would look now, they were more than popular back then and some of us would have given our left arm to have them. As far as covers go, those are still very much popular today. 1 year later, it's 1999 and predictive text is introduced. No more having to type up every single letter, just let the phone do most of the work. This inevitably led to some miscommunication, as it still does.

Enter the year 2000. The Y2K scare was fresh in our minds, although most of us weren't the slightest bit worried but that didn't stop the massive amount of worry wart crazies, from buying up all the canned goods and leaving none for the rest of us who just wanted lunch for the next week. You might have even searched for the nearest place to buy bottled water on your mobile, as this was the year that WAP browsing was introduced. Fast Forward another year to 2001, LG brings out the first handset with a color display. If you remember when the first color mobile phone displays came out, the feeling we had must have been how people felt when they first introduced the color TV. 2002 was a bit more exciting, as this was the year we saw the very first camera phone. Taking pictures would never be the same, we vowed to never miss a photo again. Along with camera phones, came the ability to download mobile Apps! 2003 became the year we first saw 3G mobile service emerge, and boy was it ever sweet. Goodbye edge data, hello faster web browsing.

Noteworthy mobile evolution took a break for a few years, and here we are in 2007. LG introduced the first touchscreen phone, and although the image doesn't list it, this is the year we saw the iphone launch. Mobile computing was changed forever. 2008 is what many of us would consider the good old days, as this was the year that Google's fledgling mobile operating system was born. Android bursts onto the scene, and we all fell in love, and never looked back. Before smart watches, LG launched the first wristwatch phone in 2009. Does anyone remember it? Fast forward a few more years, and in 2013 (just last year)LG launched the first smartphone with a unique rear placement key design, the LG G2. If you currently own one of these devices, do you love the rear key design or hate it? Some other interesting facts regarding last year and smartphone usage include: 48% of people say they would be comfortable using their smartphone or other device in a place of worship, 77% of people admitted that they would openly use their phone while in bed with someone else, 75% of people said they would have no shame whatsoever using their device in a public restroom, (and why should you?) and 28% of people said that they have used their smartphone while on a date with significant other. Shame on you. Just kidding, cause we're probably all guilty of that one at least once. That was our quick look back at how smartphones have transcended from the early days of mobile devices. So what's next for the smartphone? Well, the next step in evolution is the LG G Flex, The world's first flexible smartphone with a curved display. Are any of you excited about the G Flex? It looks like it would just fit so nicely in a back pocket, just don't sit on it. We hope you enjoyed taking a trip back in time with us over the life and evolution of the smartphone, and don't forget to throw up a hashtag or two and throwback of your own, as there's still plenty of time left in the day.

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