The Nexus 5 Was Apparently a "Very Strong" Seller for Google Last Quarter


Yesterday saw yet another earnings call from Google, covering the Q3 results for 2013, which proved lucrative for Google as they posted revenue of $16.88 Billion. Which is, let's face it, an insane amount of money. Earnings calls are normally a time when we find out how many devices a certain company has sold however, with Google, things are done a little differently. It's hard to break down sales numbers for every Android model out there, but Google have traditionally never given out figures for their own Nexus line of devices. This year has been no different, but the search giant did have some very choice words to say about the Nexus 5.

During the call Google's CFO, Patrick Pichette, said numerous times that the Nexus 5's performance was "very strong" and that "we had great momentum on the Nexus 5 and Chromecast." It's hard not to see why, the Chromecast is only $35 and solves a problem for a lot of consumers that don't want a Smart TV (or simply cannot afford one) yet still want to be able to get access to content from the Internet. As for the Nexus 5, well it features all of the specs of a high-end device, but costs just $349. It's unsurprising that this year's Nexus 5 has sold well, as the Nexus 4 made more people aware of the device and the Nexus 7 no doubt helped turned people on to the Nexus line in general. Still, without concrete figures to go by, we can't be sure how "strong" the Nexus 5 really was.


It's good to see that the Nexus smartphone is still doing well for Google. It's never going to sell the same amount of units as more consumer-facing devices, especially with the lack of marketing that Google has exhibited in the past. However, with more and more people looking for a solid device without being tied into a contract, the Nexus line makes a lot of sense. It's certainly not for everyone, but, as we found in our review we thought it was one of the best choices out there.

Source: The Verge

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