Test Photo Confirms Galaxy S5 Camera is 16MP: Is It ISOCELL?

January 29, 2014 - Written By Cory McNutt

One of the most highly anticipated smartphones in 2014 has to be the Samsung Galaxy S5, however, for a device that may be announced as early as next month and launched as early as April, we know very little about this new Galaxy S flagship. The reason may be that Samsung, itself is not sure what the final product and specifications will actually be at this point – Samsung has a lot riding on this device, after all, the critics called it laggy, and not really very innovative over the device it was replacing, the Galaxy S3. Critics are clamoring for better materials, a revamp of TouchWiz, faster camera, less gimmicky software, and so on. With the LG G2 and HTC One’s predecessors on their way, and the new iPhone 5S already here, Samsung has a lot riding on the Galaxy S5 and, being like a small puppy, they want to please everybody.

This article looks at one of the controversies, the camera –  Is it 16MP or 20MP, does it have OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer, does it have ISOCELL technology, will it have faster focusing and processing, will it have anti-shake or eight times the light – many questions and yet nothing concrete…until today. Our good and reliable bearer of information, @evleaks, today tweeted a test photo and the EXIF numbers show that it appears to be from a Verizon Galaxy S5, model number SM-G900V and it is definitely a 16MP shooter from the image size. We still cannot tell from these test results if it has an OIS built-in or if it uses ISOCELL technology, so we will have to wait for further testing and leaking of information – but at this point we can pretty well nail down the megapixels to that magic number, 16.

There are at least one or two rumors everyday concerning the Samsung Galaxy S5, and we know that everybody wants the facts, and so do we, but with Samsung possibly still making decisions about certain internal components, it is hard to nail down truth from fiction…but we will try to keep you up-to-date as fast as we can. Information giver, @evleaks, has been very reliable in the past, so we will go with a 16MP camera, and I think that Samsung has refuted the ISO theory enough that our best guess is that it will pass on it, but will include ISOCELL.

Please let us know on our Google+ Page if you will be picking up the Galaxy S5 when it hits the streets or are you more curious than anything else, or could you care less.

EXIF S5 Camera

Source/Photo: @evleaks, EFIX data | Via: pocketnow