Teamwin Recovery Finds Its Way Onto The Omate TrueSmart

Mark this calendar day as big win for Teamwin Recovery and Omate TrueSmart owners, as Teamwin Recovery was just officially ported over to the new smartwatch at a recent hackathon event. The Omate TrueSmart smartwatch has all but reached the wrists of all its Kickstarter backers and yet, it was still able to enter into exciting territory. ROM territory. This could pave the way for other bigger things for the new wearable tech, like flashing other custom ROMs to it and opening up the capabilities even further, and all thanks to this moment before an official release.

The news comes to us from a member of the TeamWin Recovery Project team Deez Troy, who posted the happening of this awesome feet on his Google+ page yesterday morning. Thanks to the efforts of Deez Troy and Daniel Ortiz who helped test the builds, were happy to report that V2.6 is available for the Omate TrueSmart as well as a Custom ROM for those of you that have these smartwatches on the way and are going to want to add some flare to them. It shouldn't be too difficult to get things going so long as you follow the instructions to the letter, and that being said you can find all the necessary files and directions by pointing your browser over to the TeamWin site for this particular project, and get your Omate TrueSmart customized with some TWRP love. Just like any other device that you choose to flash a custom ROM to, there is the potential for something to go belly up, so make sure to do things thoroughly and you should be fine.

The really good news, at least to some that may already have their TrueSmart watches, is that there is only one known issue with this whole entire setup so far. That's quite an accomplishment for something like this. The known issue is that the battery will display the incorrect percentage of battery power, but only for the first couple of minutes. If you can handle your battery telling you that it's at 50% for a short period of time, than you should definitely go check this process out. It really is the year for wearable tech, like the recently announced LG Lifeband Touch at CES earlier, and perhaps we'll start to see some more custom stuff like this for other devices. What do you think about the Omate TrueSmart watch and TWRP 2.6 being ported to the device? Lets us know what you think in the comments.

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