Sprint's "One Up" Plan Already Retired After Just a Few Months

sprint one up e1389606450456

The above image from Sprint looked like a pretty good deal for those early adopter types that love getting a new smartphone every year and compared to other similar plans from other major carriers, Sprint’s One Up plan didn’t look all that bad. However, after just a few months it looks like Sprint’s experiment didn’t go all that well and the plan was in fact officially retired by Sprint on January 9th 2014. As The Verge is reporting, those looking for more info on the One Up plan are being pushed towards the carrier’s new “Framily” plan. This is a strange move from Sprint for sure, after all they announced the One Up plan in order to better compete with the other major carriers and now, they’re simply bowing out.


While the Framily plan – despite its incredibly bizarre name – does have its benefits for groups of people, it doesn’t really offer the same sort of thing as the One Up plan did. So, it’s a little strange to see the Framily plan being pushed in its place however, there’s a good chance that the Framily plan is more of where Sprint see them being successful in the future. If the One Up plan wasn’t working well, then we suppose it’s better to cut it now rather than later but, with T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T offering similar plans and paths to a new device every 12 months or so it could affect Sprint’s capacity to compete.

This move was done by Sprint on the quiet and as such, there’s a chance that something new might take its place with similar offers or Sprint could have given up on the idea entirely. Until we hear from Sprint officially though, it’s hard to say just what’s in store for those who signed up to the One Up plan or whether or not Sprint will have something to offer early adopters and upgrade junkies going forward. If you’re on the One Up plan, let us know your experience in the comments below!