Sprint Introduces Sprint Money Express; Offers Subscribers A Card For All Their Cash

If you're a Sprint subscriber, the carrier has just introduced a new way for you to hold all your cash on an easily portable and usable card, which you can use to store your money, pay your bills and even send cash to friends. The service from Sprint is paired with a service called Wipit, and it's available now to sign up for and even has a companion app in the Play Store, to help you manage all your funds and features of the card. This comes hot on the heels of a similar service being offered by T-Mobile, which we wrote about earlier. Signing up is "Fast, and Free" according to Sprint, and we're kind of surprised that they didn't add in the word fun as it seems like a fitting opportunity. If you want to sign up for Sprint Money Express you can do so by hitting the link here, and then proceed to the Play Store link to get the app downloaded onto your phone.

The features appear to be fairly useful, starting with the "send money" feature. Utilizing Ria Financial Services, you can send money to people and establishments to over 135 countries using your Sprint Money Express card. Sprint is toting this as a "time saving benefit", so as to eliminate the need to pull out your wallet or purse, and use your phone instead for a quick one stop access.The send money feature allows you to send up a total amount of $999 in one transaction for orders, should you ever need to send someone that large amount, if you even load that much into the account to begin with. Money transfer services can have a certain fee associated with them, which will vary by exchange rate should you be sending money outside your country, and you can even use the Sprint Money Express app to find convenient locations in which to pick up the cash. If you are someone who is a recipient of the funds being sent out, Sprint notes that you don't have to be customer of Sprint Money Express, but you DO have to have the PIN and appropriate ID required for verification before receiving it. Money Transfers are also said to be extremely quick, with each usually being available within minutes of being sent, and can be picked up at the nearest location.

You can use the service to pay bills as well, which also utilizes Ria Financial Services, and paying your bills through the service is doable from a list of over 3,500 billers. The bill pay feature is something we're already quite used to in this sort of fashion, but if you're a Sprint subscriber you can do so all from the convenience of one simple and easy to use app, that also comes along with a bunch of other features. You can also choose to pay bills in multiple posting timeframes, with a selection of same day, next day, and 2-3 day options. As far as availability for the bill-pay-feature goes, anyone who is a Sprint Money Express customer who uses the app can use the service, regardless of location.

Sprint Money Express also offer a few other features, including the ability to load in cash via checks, which costs $4 for each check loading each transaction, and you can load in a check of up to $2,000, with the funds available as soon as the check is approved which is usually also in minutes. You can also add money to your Sprint prepaid wireless account as well as transfer funds using Wipit account transfers, to the account of any other Sprint Money Express subscriber in amounts up to $500. The account transfers are instant, have no fees associated with them, and you can even accept or decline the transfer if you're on the receiving end. It's worth noting that the Wipit transfer "feeless" feature is only available as a promotion until March 31 of this year, at which time Sprint may or may not extend the promotion. If you're someone who is looking to use this service, head to link page above, and you can grab the companion app from the Play Store once you're done.

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