Sony Patents 'PlayStation Remix' Aiming To Add New Challenges To Emulated Classic Games


A new neat feature is doing rounds in gaming circles; we are speaking about the ability of streaming emulated classics to video game consoles from the cloud. This ability is definitely neat, but wouldn't it be awesome if someone could add new challenges, levels and abilities not present in the originals? This is the idea which has recently been revealed to have been patented by Sony in a recent filing.

In the patent filing, Sony claims that "Finding new ways to play preexisting video games can increase the longevity of older games. Instead of replaying the same level or completing the same missions repeatedly, gamers often desire new challenges when replaying legacy games." To address this need, game designers have begun to produce mini games, which help to increase the longevity of the legacy games, by giving gamers the option to complete new objectives and overcome new challenges that do not exist in the originals. Also since the mini game is derived from a legacy game, gamers are familiar with the characters and basic components of the game.


This is an exciting opportunity for game designers to ride on the popularity of mini games. Since a mini-game does not begin at any traditional game start points, but may be placed, let's say, right before a boss fight. This gives designers the option to provide new challenges such as limit the number of lives or they may choose to change existing game parameters etc. This would help make legacy games more challenging and fun.

The idea behind this patent is that instead of packing several packages of game files in one bunch (as is standard today), Sony would stream small segments of the game from their servers using Gaikai's technology. This would allow creation of new goals within legacy games.

IGameResponsibly had first discovered this patent which was filed some time back in June 2012, simultaneously to Sony's purchase of streaming game technology company Gaikai. The patent "Suspending State of Cloud-Based Legacy Applications" patent filing describes a means to provide fresh content to pre-existing classic games without the need to rebuild them completely. IGameResponsibly has termed this patent 'PlayStation Remix'; however we have not been able to find any corroboration of this name in the original patent filing.



Before you get too excited, we would like to let you know that this is merely a patent filing and not all patents come to fruition in the form of a finished product. On our part, we would definitely like to keep our hopes alive, who knows we would finally be able to enjoy Mario with the same zest we had in our childhood. After-all Gaikai could bring PS3 games to Android.

We would like to hear which legacy games you would like to see with the 'PlayStation Remix' if it ever comes out. Our comments section is open for you.

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