Sony Attempts to Stop Leaks From AnTuTu and Possibly Others by Blocking Them on Pre-Release Hardware


Leaks come from all over the place, insiders, testers, hints and more. One of the most reliable ways leaks get out, is through AnTuTu. Now, Sony has put out,what they hope will prevent detailed specs from getting out via AnTuTu on yet to be released devices. Simply blocking the app and possibly others like it from being used on test devices.

AnTuTu and apps like it, are great ways to test your device and see where it stands in aspect to other devices. They gather up all of the information about the innards of your device, as well as put them to the test. Once put all together, the information shows up in a nice bar graph, to show you how your device ranks with the competition. The problem with that for OEMs is that the apps usually make it very easy to post those findings to the interwebs, where everything is accessible.


Once the information has hit the web, then it usually ends up in our laps to report on. You could imagine what it must be like for a device that is currently unavailable and unannounced, to go through these tests, only to have all of the information leaked to the web. Actually, you don't have to imagine, because it has happened numerous times, for example, the HTC M8. So to stop all of that from happening, Sony has made it impossible to use AnTuTu and possibly other apps for benchmarking, on their test devices. Of course, that didn't stop a leak from happening as a leaked screenshot of the warning has appeared on the web. The user was unable to use AnTuTu, but was still able to take a screenshot of the pop up warning saying to uninstall the app. It would seem that the device being used in the screenshot is the new Sony Xperia device that is currently being tested. So, congratulations Sony on stopping leaks from benchmarking apps, now disable screenshots on test devices and you may have a thing here. However, leaks are just a part of the fun. Unless Sony turned into Apple overnight, the leaks don't usually cause too much damage, so they really shouldn't be too afraid, right?


What kind of leaks are your favorite to see? Obviously, confirmed details are better than any type of leak, but which leaks get you more excited, images, benchmarks, accessories, or just rumors?


Via: Android Police
Source: Xperia Blog

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