Sony Announces their Own Fitness Tracker, the SmartWear at CES 2014

January 6, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Right now Sony is up on stage showing off a ton of new products. They’ve announced the Xperia Z1S, the Xperia Z1 Compact and now we’re looking at the SmartWear, which is their own wearable fitness tracker. This one is pretty similar to a lot of the others out there. Especially those from Fitbit. It’s a very stylish looking wearable which tracks all kinds of metrics and syncs it with your smartphone.

With the SmartWear you can set your daily goals and challenge your all-time bests. You can also look ahead in time to see just how much more you need to cycle to achieve your daily activity goal. With the Lifelog app (yes that’s the name of the companion app), it will automatically track your walking, running, cycling, and more. It can also see how well you’ve slept. It will also let you see photos you’ve taken, music you’ve listened to, games you’ve played and how much you’ve socialised with a friend. It has seamless smartphone interaction. So when you receive a call, get a message or another notification, the smart band will vibrate gently on your wrist to let you know. It also has LED indicators that light up to show that the SmartBand is active. You are also able to play, pause and skip tracks from your SmartBand when you’re listening to music.

The SmartWear does come in 4 different colors, white, black, purple, and pink. It actually looks really nice, in my opinion. As far as battery life goes, Sony is touting about 5 days of battery life from this wearable. As with most products from Sony lately, it’s also water-proof, which is kind of necessary with a wearable, don’t ya think? It’s definitely a nice looking wearable, and something I’d be interested in. So far there’s no word on availability and pricing, hopefully we’ll find out more real soon.