Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Arrives on Google Play with Multiplayer Mode in the Pipeline

January 3, 2014 - Written By Eric Abent


If you’re somehow not burnt out after all of the holiday sales on video games, you might be pleased to know that Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed has landed on the Google Play Store. Launching on consoles way back at the end of 2012, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed garnered surprisingly good reviews, becoming a potential challenger to Mario Kart, the reigning king of arcade racers. Obviously, you won’t be getting the exact same experience on Android, but it seems that Sega has kept much of the core gameplay in tact with the transition to mobile.

The most notable feature of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is its dynamic tracks. As you race, the track changes between road, air, and water, with each car changing along with the course. This means that in most of the tracks, you’ll be controlling boats and planes in addition to your car, which can make for a lot of very fun races. That track changing mechanic has been preserved in the jump to mobile devices, and that alone makes Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed worthy of your consideration.

Players will be able to select from an initial pool of 10 racers, with Sega promising that more All-Stars will be added to the game with later updates. Sega has also taken the World Tour mode from the original console version and tweaked it for this Android release, though precisely how the mode has changed isn’t covered in the game’s description. Just as well, daily and weekly challenges have been added to the game in an attempt to give players an incentive to boot it up every day.

One interesting thing about this version of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is that it boasts support for multiple control methods. Users can play with touch, tilt, or game pad controls, which is a great feature considering mobile controls often leave something to be desired. Finally, Sega says it has a 4-player competitive mode in the works, though that mode doesn’t have a solid release date just yet. If Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed sounds like a game you’re interested in playing, you can pick it up now from the Play Store for $4.99.