Smartphone Makers Will Keep Innovating, Just Not How You Think


We all have gotten pretty used to the features, looks and capabilities of our smartphones. We use them to take high quality photographs, manage our finances, watch movies, communicate with family and friends and assist us with the various matters of our lives. It is safe to say that our phones with super brains are like an extension of us. Not too long ago we were seeing phones come out with new feature after new feature. Some were coming out with Retina displays and others were coming out with the ability to use your phone with gloves on. Still others were coming out with phones that you can manipulate just by waving your hand over it.

It is truly amazing what our phones can do. Yet, I sometimes wonder what can the manufacturers come up with or squeeze into our phones now? You see, the actual innovation for technology when it comes to mobile phones has come to a point where it is starting to level off. Many makers are developing phones that have similar or the same insides as their competitors. Often times we find that the only difference is the operating system that the phone runs on. The RAM can be similar and the actual storage space offered by many manufactures lately has been roughly 16 GB to 32 GB on the average.


However, with all of the similarities, there has been a shift that I am sure consumers have noticed. Whereas we can't see the new features being innovated as much, we can see something else. Famous Smartphone makers such as Apple, Samsung, and Nokia have started going to great lengths to have cutting edge technology be available to the masses at a fraction of the cost. Not too long ago this would have been seen as impossible. Yet, here and now, it is happening on the whole more and more.

Business Insider Intelligence recently released a new report saying what their predictions are for the Smartphone market in the future. Some of the points that they make are actually pretty interesting.  One of the points is that the Smartphone market will continue to make gains globally as the feature phone market starts to die off. Also, they predict that as a result of new emerging markets where Smartphones are becoming available, they estimate that Smartphones will see 2 billion in annual shipments in less than three years. That's amazing if you look at the fact that it took roughly eight years to reach 1 billion annual Smartphone shipments. They also estimate that feature phones aka "dumbphones" will see their end as they predict that Smartphones will increase to 90% of total mobile phones sales in the next four years.

More importantly the firm predicts that "price is the key" and smartphones will see their insides have premium materials but cost significantly less than they do now hovering at around $150 to $165. That's great for folks looking to get into the smartphone world. It will be great to see where smartphone technology goes in the future and how inexpensive those future phones will be. What do you think or predict the smartphone market and cost will look like in the future? I think consumers stand a good chance of seeing the future look very bright for their choices in smartphone being advanced in technology and affordable.




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