Samsung's Galaxy S5 Might Miss Out on Magnetic Resonance Wireless Charging



With so many Galaxy S5 rumors floating around, you'd probably be thinking that the device is already available right now. Alas, the Galaxy S5 isn't yet with us and we still have quite a wait to even see what Samsung has in store for us all, let alone when we can get our hands on it. Now, we're hearing that the Galaxy S5 might miss out on magnetic resonance charging. Hang on a minute, what the hell is that?! I hear you ask. Well, it's essentially the same wireless charging technology that Qi-based chargers are (like the one for the Galaxy S4 above), but it allows for a greater range meaning you don't have to place the device directly on top of the charging surface in order to charge it. This sort of technology is still a ways off from going mainstream anyway, so the fact that it's not hitting the Galaxy S5 is hardly surprising.


As with a lot of features and products that make their way into Samsung devices, the Korean giant is unsure whether or not consumers would really take advantage of the product. Which is a reasonable assumption to make, after all Qi charging has been around for some time now and that's yet to go mainstream. Still, the ability to get much better range when charging our devices wirelessly would certainly be nice. If it were to push the price up though, it's unclear how many would actually be willing to pay the extra for it, especially when Samsung is unsure of how to even market the new charging tech.

Much like a lot of rumors, it's advisable to take this with a pinch or two of salt. There's a possibility that Samsung will offer the technology later after the launch of the device, but even still such an accessory is likely to cost quite a lot and as well all know, expensive accessories don't fare too well in the wild.

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