Samsung's Affordable Galaxy Note is Really Going to be Called the Galaxy Note 3 Neo; Won't be Coming to the UK


We've been hearing about a more affordable version of Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 for a pretty long time now. While there's yet to be an official announcement from Samsung, the device recently went up for pre-order in Belgium and now, Samsung has come forward and confirmed the name of the device. Speaking to both TechRadar and Android Central, Samsung has confirmed the device's name will in fact be the Galaxy Note 3 Neo and not the Galaxy Note 3 Lite. Seeing as the device leaked out as the Galaxy Note 3 Neo, this is hardly surprising, but "Lite" does seem to make a little more sense to us. However, this could be Samsung wanting to distance themselves from the whole "mini" naming which comes with a negative vibe for a lot of users.

As well as this, Samsung has said that the device is not heading to the UK, which could mean that this is a device that's very much aimed at emerging markets, just like we've been thinking for a long time now. As for official specs, global availability and more, we're still waiting on an officially official release from Samsung detailing the device in full. Speaking to TechRadar however, Samsung did say that the device is pretty much what the leaks have detailed it to be. So, that would make for a 5.5-inch device with a hexa-core implementation of the big.LITTLE core design used in the Galaxy Note 3 Exynos models. A dual-core Cortex A15 at 1.7 Ghz is said to be joined with a quad-core 1.3 Ghz Cortex A7 CPU.


While we're still waiting on something more officially official from Samsung, it's beginning to look like the Galaxy Note 3 Neo is going to be a device solely created to boost sales of the brand in emerging markets. Phablets and the like are super-popular in India and the rest of Asia however, the Galaxy Note 3 is far too expensive for the majority of people's budgets. As such, the Galaxy Note 3 Neo could offer a compromise to those looking for a quality brand without having to reach the high price tags normally associated with them.

Source: TechRadar, Android Central

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