Samsung Steals The Show At CES With Michael Bay's Awkward Performance

In what was quite possibly the worst thing to come out of Michael Bay since Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, this awkward display of stutters and silence following the unveiling of Samsungs new curved screen TVs was almost painful to watch. Samsung had a few surprise guests at the their press event this afternoon to comment on the products they were showing off, but they might have made a bigger mistake than Bay himself did during his speech, by inviting him up to talk about the new curved TV offerings to begin with. In the video below you can see that obviously things start out ok, for a brief moment, but then everything spirals downward rather quickly and you can't help but feel bad for Michael Bay as he chokes up and loses his nerve, eventually resulting in him walking off stage.

The blame might have to be placed on whoever was running the teleprompter, as Bay states that the type was off and it caused him to lose focus on what he was trying to say, but we're not so sure that was entirely it. In any case, this certainly was not one of his finest moments. Samsung's idea was obviously to bring up on stage, almost larger than life representatives for each field of products. Sometime after the Bay debacle, they moved onto to announcing their new line of kitchen equipment like an oven, a fridge etc. and they brought up two renowned chefs to talk about and back up the product line. It seemed like a great idea to bring a mega Hollywood director up on stage to talk about how Samsung's new curved display TVs would affect the type of work done by Michael Bay, and how the TVs would benefit his movies. In theory, it sounds smart. If you want people and consumers to be wowed by, and excited about your brand new TV, why not bring up a Hollywood Director that is famous for mega blockbuster films that are laden with action? This way people could see how great things look on an 85-inch curved screen prototype.

However, no one could have planned for this to happen. The representative up on stage with Bay tries to help him recover from the stumble, but all is lost the moment things went wrong in the first place. Bay is clearly more comfortable Directing than he is doing public speaking, or at least that's the way it would seem. Legions of Samsung fans were probably hoping for a Galaxy S 5 announcement today, unfortunately it seems that this embarrassing moment is the most exciting thing to come out of Samsung at the press conference. What do you guys think about the new Samsung curved display TV? What about the Pro line of upcoming Galaxy tablets? Let us know what you think in the comments and don't forget to have a laugh after watching the video below.

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