Samsung Releases New GamePad and Bluetooth Speaker in South Korea

January 16, 2014 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Samsung has been one of the more reliable manufacturers when it comes to releasing accessories for its smartphones and tablets, often having its own lineup of cases and other things that are specifically designed for whatever new device has been released.  This time around Samsung has two new accessories debuting in its home country of South Korea that don’t correspond to any one product in particular, and that’s because they both work with most of Samsung’s products already on the shelves.  First up on the list is a new Samsung Bluetooth speaker which appears to be the successor to last year’s DA-F60, the EO-SB330.  The EO-SB330 is a new premium wireless Bluetooth speaker that pairs with your device via one-touch NFC, much like a lot of Sony’s accessories do, and make entering passcodes and scanning for Bluetooth signals a thing of the past.  The speaker has a premium metal body build, a built-in microphone for noise cancellation, and a battery life rated at 15 hours.  The speaker retails for a rather hefty 199,000 Korean Won, which is somewhere in the ballpark of $187 or €137.

Last but certainly not least, and very likely the one that’s going to be a priority on many people’s upcoming accessory purchase lists is the Samsung Gamepad.  The Samsung Gamepad was announced at last year’s Galaxy S4 Unpacked event, but just as a prototype.  The pad itself closely resembles that of an Xbox 360 with some serious modifications, including a nice sizable stand to place your phone on the top of the controller, effectively turning your phone into an Nvidia Shield.  The resizable arm adjusts to fit phones up to 6.3″ in size, which should just about cover all of Samsung’s lineup of devices.  The gamepad also pairs via one-touch NFC through Bluetooth just like Samsung’s wireless speaker above.  The Gamepad is compatible with Android 4.1 and higher, so pretty much every phone Samsung has released in the last two years, and will retail for 85,000 Korean Won, which is around $80 or €59.  The Gamepad also features a prominent “PLAY” button in the middle of the controller that brings you to Samsung’s Mobile Console app, and is compatible with 35 games out of the box.  To say this thing is going to give mobile consoles like the 3DS or Playstation Vita a run for its money with many consumers is probably an understatement, and it’s quite a bit cheaper too.  If Samsung can market this like they usually market their products, this will be a huge hit among Samsung owners, which as we’ve seen from reports is most of the Android market.