Could Samsung Be The Reason Why Google Sold Motorola?

Here's a neat little conspiracy theory regarding the recent news of Google selling off Motorola to Lenovo. Given the recent news (This past Sunday) that Google and Samsung had entered into a 10-year cross-license patent deal, this theory from 9to5Google kind of makes sense. Earlier today, we heard a report out of Re/Code that Google was strong arming Samsung into making a more "Pure" Android experience on future devices, and to get rid of some of those apps they have put on their devices. Which Samsung agreed too. Plus Google gets all those patents of Samsung's as well? So what does Samsung get in return? Well a Motorola-less Google, it seems.

Here's whatSeth Weintraub feels happened in a Google and Samsung meeting, "Samsung was likely very vocal about the Motorola acquisition but was willing to play ball because of the perceived patent indemnification." Seth went on to explain his theory, "...Andy Rubin wanted to integrate Motorola into Google and who cares about Samsung, HTC, LG and all of the Chinese manufactures. Rubin pushes the leadership and makes a my way or the highway type of threat. Google chooses to keep Android and moves Rubin to another department." That's not even the good part. As we know, Motorola has started kicking some serious butt lately, especially with all these sales. People are loving Motorola, even more than they do Samsung. Which Samsung realizes that and makes a threat to move their high market share to another platform like Tizen. Pretty much forcing Google to sell off Motorola for almost nothing. While Samsung would start making its phones look less Touchwiz'y and both companies share patents. So everyone is happy.

A writer over at Android and Me, Dustin Earley also has his own conspiracy theory about this whole thing:

"Google: "Samsung, you need to get rid of your custom apps, or we're withholding ours."

Samsung: "If you sell Motorola, Google, we'll get rid of our custom Samsung apps."

Google: "Lenovo, you want Motorola?"

Lenovo: "We'll buy Motorola, and let you keep the patents, so long as we can use them as well."

Samsung: "We want use of the Motorola patents as well."

Google: "Then we want your patents too, Samsung and Lenovo, and you have to tone down TouchWiz, Samsung. Deal?"

Samsung and Lenovo: "Deal." "

This really has me and quite a few others sad. I've loved Motorola phones since before smartphones were "the thing". I really like my Moto X, and I know quite a few others that love theirs as well, and Moto G owners also. But I guess you win some, and you lose some. I'm still going to continue to root for the underdogs, because I'd like to see more competition in the Android space instead of seeing one manufacturer with more than 50% of their market share. Competition leads to innovation.

Sources: 9to5Google, +Dustin Earley; Image Credit:  Goran Aničić

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