Samsung to Offer More Big Screen Devices, Different Displays, Improve S-Pen and Multi-Window

Galaxy Note 3 010

Ever since Samsung launched the first Galaxy S device their phones have been getting bigger and bigger.  Generally this just applies to screen size though, as the bezels around the screen get smaller the body of the phone can stay the same size as the previous model, and of course every yearly release somehow gets thinner and thinner.  While this isn’t at all unique to Samsung or its devices, it’s something Samsung seems to do better than anyone else; at least if sales are anything to go by.  This sort of thinking has spurred on Samsung designers and execs to choose big displays for their flagship products, and was really spurred on since the success of the original Galaxy Note in 2011.  Now according to South Korean sources Samsung is pushing full force into the 5 to 6-inch category for all their flagship phones, hinting at us seeing even larger screens this time around.  For those who are tired of the slow crawl towards all phones becoming phablets, this probably isn’t the best of news, but for others they will likely be rejoicing when Samsung’s Galaxy S5 gets announced in the next month or two.  We’re expecting a 5.25-inch display on the Galaxy S5, which falls right in line with these rumors, and would likely make the phone look more like an LG G2 than anything else if Samsung wants to stay with a “normal” sized phone for its next big thing.

What’s more is that Samsung is purportedly going to be expanding functionality of the S-Pen in future devices, as well as expanding the usage of multi-window.  This makes sense since people who usually buy a Galaxy Note phone or tablet want the ability to do more at once with their device, and of course one of the main reasons to buy a Note-series device is the S-Pen.  Enhancing these key functionalities will likely only help Samsung solidify their position in the industry.  Samsung is also looking to deliver different displays on its future flagships, hinting at premium and lite versions of the same products, much like we’ve seen recently with the Galaxy Tab Lite and TabPRO tablets.  These moves are a great way for Samsung to deliver products for a range of people and their needs, all while solidifying their position as the leader in the market.  Whether or not we’re going to get consistent products is another story, and is something Samsung has needed to work on for a while.  This appears to be a year of big change for the South Korean tech giant, so anything is possible.

Source: ZDNet Korea
Via: G for Games