A Samsung Galaxy S5 variant for AT&T Surfaces, Brings Along a 1080p Display


The one handset which is subject of much speculation in tech circles is the upcoming flagship from the Korean manufacturer, Samsung. Earlier rumors had suggested that a variant of the upcoming Samsung flagship – the Samsung Galaxy S5 – was being tested at AT&T and – at the time – the rumors had suggested that the flagship would be launched during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). However CES has already gone by and needless to say, the Galaxy S5 wasn't announced.

Anyhow, the latest information coming in from SamMobile that the AT&T variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5 – thought to belong to the nomenclature SM-G900A – has now shown up on Samsung's mobile site. The surprising or rather weird aspect is that the user agent profile (UAProf) for the device mentions a 1080p screen, whereas the confirmed specs of the Galaxy S5 state that the device will definitely sport a QHD '2K' display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution.


This leads us to three surmises – either of which have the same probability of being true. Firstly, the SM-G900A could be a cheaper or plastic versions of the more premium Galaxy S5 and is thus not toting the 2K display or, secondly, the phone being tested by AT&T could be an early prototype and we may still get the promised 2K display on the 'public' version of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Lastly, another possibility exists – the model denoted by SM-G900A is not a variant of the S5, rather it could be a medium-range device – the kind Samsung keeps churning out every now and then.


Either way, we always advise our readers to take anything marked as a rumor with a pinch of salt. We have already received confirmation from a "senior Samsung official" that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will not be unveiled at the MWC next month. Instead, we hope the device to be unveiled some time in March this year at either London or New York or maybe at both place simultaneously.


We are keeping our eyes peeled, in the meantime we would like to hear your views. Do you think the SM-G900A is a Galaxy S5 variant or is it not? Do let us know in the comments below.

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