Samsung Forms Partnership With illy; No Android-Powered Espresso Machines to See Here Though

January 20, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson


Let’s face it, while Espresso is one of the most common drinks across most of Europe, it’s also basically nerd-fuel, and what do nerds like? Samsung devices! So naturally, bringing the two together sounds like common sense, right? Well, Italian Espresso brand illy and Samsung definitely seem to think so and today, the two of them have announced a partnership that will see Samsung devices in their stores as well as illy get their hands on some of Samsung’s expertise. As the resident “coffee nerd” at Android Headlines, I was more than intrigued by the deal. The deal is said to be a multi-year affair and unfortunately, there’s no talk of an Android-powered coffee machine. Which makes me extremely unhappy. Why can’t I ask Google – sorry, S Voice – to pull me a double?

Instead, this is very much a brand partnership. With illy stores being “digitalized by Samsung” starting with the Regent Street in London. Essentially, this means Samsung’s devices are going to be on-hand for those obsessed with good espresso to play with and take a look at. This is pretty great marketing for Samsung, and while illy doesn’t have that many stores right now, this is a Worldwide deal and as such, it could help bolster Samsung’s branding across Europe.

What are illy getting out of the deal? Well, the South Korean tech giant is going to fulfill “digital solutions” for the Italian brand, including mobile apps and services for illy’s products. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean an app that only Samsung devices can get access to but, it’s interesting nonetheless. Illy themselves have a lot invested in culture across Europe, including Art and Literature so, this could be a sign of Samsung going all “high couture” on us. Needless to say, this is just another partnership in a long line of well-placed partnerships from Samsung. Furthering their reach and brand exposure, it’s partnerships like these that keep Samsung’s brand at the very top. What do you guys think to this latest partnership? Let us know in the comments below!

I still wanted that Android-powered coffee machine…

Source: Samsung, illy
Image: Ganzo Mag