How Samsung Is Converting Celebrities From iPhones To Samsung - With A "White Glove" Of Course!

Nothing bothers me more than seeing a friend or relative using an iPhone, when I know they would be so much happier carrying around an Android device, like my Galaxy Note 3. Those "kind of people" will not listen to reason or even allow you the opportunity to show them how much more the world of Android can offer them - oh, they will take a glance at the size of the screen, and I can even see a "note" of jealousy when they see my live wallpaper - but they will admit nothing.

I guess this bothers Samsung as well when they see celebrities toting around an iPhone on the red carpets of the world with ever adoring fans watching their every move...including what smartphone they are using. At my age, I could care less what phone a celebrity is caught using by the paparazzi, but the young people are greatly influenced by such things. If they see their favorite TV star, movie star, or athlete using an iPhone, then that is what they want to be carrying around as well - a fact that has not escaped Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has sold close to 100 million devices and Consumer Report's anointed it as their top-rated smartphone - great news for Samsung and the Galaxy S4, but it all comes down to perception.  Perception has nothing to do with the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a terrific device - it has to do with how is the device perceived - and Samsung is trying to influence our perception through its celebrity missionary program known as, "White Glove."

Most celebrities still use an iPhone, but ones like Jay Z, Martha Stewart (I cannot imagine who would care what smartphone she is using), and Dana Brunetti, have switched to a Samsung device and refuse to go back.  This is not because they went out and purchased a Samsung, but it happened as a direct result of the "White Glove" program.  The way this program works is that a friend of the celebrity approaches them and asks them if they would meet with a Samsung representative.  This representative will sit down with the celebrity, show them a device that has been customized for them, gives them step-by-step instructions on how to use it, gives the device to them for free, and then leaves a phone number they call anytime to ask a question.

Shane Snow is a New York City-based technology writer, who wrote the reference article, was also a victim of a "White Glover" attack, and he says:

"Despite my skepticism, and my best intentions to return to my beloved iPhone, after two months, my giant Galaxy Note has become an extension of my arm. iPhones feel like children's toys now when I pick them up. The Note screen is way too big, but in a good way. And the device itself is nice. But mostly, it was the user interface that converted me--the customizability, the speed, the shortcut swipes from every angle."

Oh yes, another convert! Please let us know on our Google+ Page if you watch what devices the celebrities use and does it influence you in your next purchase, or simply help substantiate that you made the right decision in the first place.

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