Samsung Apparently Introducing Flexible Face For Their Next Iteration Of The Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

Samsung prides itself on producing "the next big thing", and with the announcement and launch of the original Samsung Galaxy Gear, there was no difference when it came to ads and the marketing campaign. Commercials flooded television, we saw many magazine ads and billboard signs adorned with the same phrase, along with images of the watch fashionably resting on someones wrist. Still even with the possibilities that the Galaxy Gear introduced to the everyday normal watch, it wasn't terribly attractive looking, and suffice it to say, also lacked a handful of features that would have been useful to have for the price of what it costs.

As far as looks go, Samsung is apparently looking to trade out the square shaped flat face for something a little more sleek and curvy, and plans to introduce a flexible display that has a little more taste when it comes to fashion. The original Galaxy Gear wasn't a terrible looking watch, but it wasn't stunning either and normally Samsung puts out gorgeous looking products. Samsung itself knows that there was more room for improvement in the design department, and according to korean sources versed in the matter, Samsung is going to be "fashioning" a new flexible display for the Galaxy Gear 2, and supposedly holding the unveiling in London this year sometime around the Spring months of March or April. Hopefully Samsung spares no expense and pulls out all the stops when it comes to designing this next device, as something that fits a little more uniformly around the wrist would be ideal.

As for potential price ranges of the Galaxy Gear 2, nothing from Samsung has been announced yet but at least we have some idea of what they might be potentially looking at for how the watch will look. If it came down to it, and Samsung had to make a decision on whether to give it a more fashionable style, or keep the old style but give the smart watch more capability, what would you be more likely to purchase? Let us know in the comments what you think about Samsung using a more flexible curvy screen for the Galaxy Gear 2, and what you think they should add in feature wise.


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