S4 Owners Can Now Purchase The Official Wireless Charging S-View Covers



If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4, gone are the days where you have to envy your friends who own a Note 3 and can charge their devices wirelessly with an S-View cover. No longer must you sit and politely nod your head at their comments of how cool it is, when you're really just itching to tell them to shut up. It's ok, we know how you feel. Thankfully, Samsung has just released a follow up to the original wireless charging back for the S4 with a wireless charging capable S-View cover/back. You can now have your very own wireless charging capable S-View cover and stop your friends from rubbing it in.


The wireless charging capable S-View covers for the S4 come in two different colors, so while not infinitely customizable with your absolute favorite color, you can choose either Black or White, and have at least some choice in the matter. These new covers have contact points for use with the Qi standard, and should you choose to bite the bullet and purchase one, make sure to have $70.00 handy because that's how much they'll cost. That is if you get them straight from Samsung and Best Buy. If you frequent Amazon however, you can rightly pick this up for under the full MSRP if you choose the Black option. The white cover is still listed at full cost. Whether this is a mistake or not is unconfirmed, but for some reason the Black seems to sell for less.

These S-View covers provide a nice little window for you to view the time, date, battery level and other handy little bits of information like your notifications. We can definitely see the usefulness of having such a feature on your phone's front face cover, we're just not sure it's useful enough to warrant $70.00. However if you're someone that see the absolute value in this, you can pick one up starting right now at either of those three sites. More than likely, additional colors will probably pop up at some point, but for now it's just the two. If you plan on picking one of these up, let us know what you think of the cover and how it works.

Source: Android Police

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