Rumor: Nexus 8 Coming This Year with Intel CPU?


Rumor has it that Google is looking towards a Nexus 8 in 2014, and saying goodbye to the 7 inch tablet. This is nothing more than a rumor, but what kind of contributor to the internet would we be if we didn't indulge in some rumors as well? So as we dive into this rumor, get your salt shakers ready, because if we haven't told you yet, this is a rumor. In such, should be taken with more than a few grains of salt.

Reported by sources, with a less than dull track record to digitimes, upstream supply chain says that Google is ending the battle in the 7-inch tablet market, and moving on to 8-inch models. Those same sources say that the reason behind the move, is due to a lack of demand on the newest 7-inch Nexus tablet. The reason  for a lack of demand on the Nexus 7, could be due to a saturated market in the 7-inch tablet range. Though, in the 8-inch tablet market, we see fewer options. Which could be a valid reason for Google to move on to an 8-inch tablet. Especially since demand for the newest Nexus 7 compared to the demand for the first model is considerably lower.


The similarities between the Nexus 7 and the now rumored Nexus 8, is that ASUS is said to be joining Google in the making of the tablet. The possible difference, is the chip inside. The Nexus 8 may have the Intel Bay Trail-T, instead of Qualcomm, though that is an unclear part of the rumor. It might seem strange for Google to use an Intel chip – they haven't done in the past – but ASUS has a very good partnership and so an Intel chip from their tablet doesn't sound all that crazy at all. The very same sources spoke of a time we might see more details revealed about the Nexus 8, though even that part was unclear. They said that the details will be more clear after February 2014, but nothing more than that.

Google has never really been afraid of competition, always innovating and standing out in every category they take on. However, in order to follow this rumor, you need to walk down a path where Google is tired of competition. Are you willing to see a Nexus 8 or are you content with your Nexus 7?

Via: PhoneArena
Source: digitimes

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