Rumor: HTC One+ Could Be The New Flagship And Come Loaded With A Snapdragon 805 CPU

HTC M8 Phone

Rumors of the successor to the HTC One are flowing in almost non stop, and today seems to be no exception. According to a regular member on XDA called Mike1986, the follow up to the HTC One will be called the HTC One+(codenamed the M8 and previously thought to be called the One 2) and he has listed some potential specs of the device as well. According to the report, the HTC One+ will come come equipped with the newer Snapdragon 805 CPU, as opposed to the Snapdragon 800 that previously rumored by @evleaks yesterday on his twitter page. In addition to the CPU listing, it should also come with a Full HD 5 inch display, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. For those of you that are clumsy and like to drop your devices, this might save the screen from looking like something your dog got a hold of.

In the battery department, the One+ should have a 2,900mAh battery to power whatever you have going on. If you liked the One’s photo capabilities, you’ll probably love the Ultrapixel camera(which should be 6 or 8 mega pixels) that may come with a double lens. Just in case you can’t stop taking selfies to post in your profile, the 2.1MP front facing camera will come in handy. When it comes to software, the One+ is supposed to come with Kit Kat and HTC Sense 6.0, and you’ll have more than enough computing power with the 2GB of RAM. NFC will make a return of course, and the specs get rounded out by software buttons on the front display along with the added microSD slot for some expandable storage, which the HTC One was missing.

Keep in mind that all these features and specs are strictly rumors as reported by Android Revolution HD and have not been confirmed yet, but they aren’t too outlandish so they aren’t too hard to believe. If these are indeed to be the specs that we are to expect from the upcoming HTC flagship device, it sounds like HTC will have a great phone on their hands. But will it be enough to win back some of the market share that they lost? We will have to wait and see on that when we know some more concrete details. Its shaping up to be a decent smartphone though, and hopefully it will help pull HTC out of the fire.