Potential Leaked HTC One+(M8) Cases Show Opening For Possible Fingerprint Scanner

The rumor mills about upcoming devices always seem to pick up at certain points of the year, whether they're about the devices themselves or referencing accessories, and usually they start to heat up the closer we get to a devices release date. One of the newest rumors surrounds the upcoming new flagship phone from HTC, which is rumored to be the HTC One+ or M8 as it was previously known, and is in regards to a leaked case that is allegedly for the HTC One+. According to the leaked images acquired by pocketlint, the cases show what looks to be an opening for a fingerprint scanner. This "factory OEM" case out of Asia showed up on the internet just today, and the fingerprint scanner looks to be placed in the same spot as it was on the HTC One Max, which is on the back of the phone as shown in the image of the case.

Looking at the picture you can see the opening just above where the hole for the camera is, which is thought to be the opening for the fingerprint scanner. It would make sense that HTC would want to continue this trend and add this feature to their new device, especially if it was a well received feature on the One Max. Were starting to see more than just a few manufacturers jump on board with the addition of fingerprint scanners on new devices, as the wave of adding more personal security to our phones seems to become a larger desire. The iphone 5S which also has a fingerprint scanner wasn't the first to have one embedded, but it certainly was the first device to really make the feature seem mainstream and make it well known and popular.

Whether you're a customer that has enjoyed the fingerprint scanner on the One Max or not, is this something that you feel HTC needs to add to their upcoming flagship? Do you think it would add more security or just open more possibilities for potential security breaches and attacks? Let us know what you think about this "potential" case and the addition of a fingerprint scanner to the HTC One+ in the comments.

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