Postmates Makes It Easy to Order Out From Any Restaurant or Grocery Store


We all get hungry while being busy at the same time. With all the options on places to eat, most users would like an app for their favorite eatery. As robust of an app eco-space as the Google Play Store is, it is sometimes missing an app or two for your favorite place to munch. Lucky for us, there is Postmates service to meet the need for a robust delivery service. What's better is that Postmates has a newly released service and app has arrived in the Play Store to make it easier to get the food you crave. There is a downside, however, because the service is currently only available in San Francisco, NYC, Seattle, and Washington, DC.

So, the way this app works is it aggregates nearby places to eat, by food and get groceries. The app is flexible in the fact that it doesn't lock you in to specific places. It pulls the locations from Foursquare's database. You pick the location and then create your order through suggestions or through custom lists. The app will give the list to a delivery person who will head out to get your placed order.


Once you've placed your order, Postmate follows the order until it is complete. If your delivery person gets confused or doesn't understand what you want, the person can give you a call. While this is going on, you can follow your delivery person on a map within the app, which is a cool feature. But, with all of the nice features, there has to be a catch right? Well, there's a little one. You will have to pay a $.5.75 flat rate charge for a 1-hour delivery. There is also a 9% convenience charge that gets assessed against the total cost of your order. You can add a tip for the delivery person if you want.  

The app has a 5.1 megabite storage imprint. Not a large file at all for the functionality that you're getting. The beauty of this app is mainly the fact that it doesn't lock you in to just certain places to get what you need. The app gives you just about every option in the area for you to choose from.

Despite the limited locations, the app looks great and shows promise. If you like ordering out and want an efficient way to do so, then download this app and give it a try. The app itself is FREE to download.


Source: Android Police    Images: Android Police


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