Philips O’Neill CRASH Virtually Indestructible Headphones on Sale for 50% Off!

January 22, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Philips currently has heir nearly indestructible headphones, the O’Neill Crash headphones, for 50% off. These are some pretty food headphones, as you can basically run them over with your car and they will still be perfectly fine. Pretty crazy right? The O’Neill CRASH headphones do have a microphone and remote as well as the in-line iPhone controls for music and calls, so unfortunately those do not work with Android phones like the Moto X, HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4. But at least it has a microphone so you can still take calls on it, even if you have to physically answer it on your device.

Philips say that these are capable of withstanding 1500kg of static force. They are also acoustically tuned for deep bass with precise clarity. There’s also a chill out mode for around the neck wearing comfort. 40mm neodymium driver for high definition sound. So not only are these indestructible (almost), but they also produce great sound, which is always something we want.

So these Philips O’Neill CRASH headphones are on sale for $150, and their normal price is $300. So nice to see that they are on a pretty big sale. There’s no word on how long these will be on sale for, but I’d venture to guess they are on sale for today only, possibly tomorrow as well. So if you’re accident-prone and looking for some good headphones that won’t break, virtually ever, then these are the ones you’re going to want to check out. They actually look pretty good in red and black. I’d definitely pick up a pair.


How many of you are going to grab these Philips O’Neill CRASH Virtually Indestructible Over-the-Ear headphones today? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below, how you are liking these headphones, as I’m sure many will be skeptical about picking these up.

Philips O’Neill CRASH Virtually Indestructible Over-Ear Headphones SHO9207/28, Black

Via: Android Police