Pebble showing us "Something Special" at CES Next Week in Las Vegas

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It’s almost that time everyone. Almost time for the first trade show of the year, which is CES or the Consumer Electronics Show. Which takes place in Las Vegas, NV., January 7th-9th. But it technically kicks off this weekend. So if you’re interested to see what gets announced next week, you’ll want to start paying attention to our feeds on Sunday. As there are a few press conferences Sunday night and all day Monday. Pebble has just told us that we’ll be seeing something special at CES next wek.

We’re not really sure what Pebble has in store for us in Vegas next week. But the general consensus is some short of second-generation hardware. Which is expected, since the Pebble took over CES, pretty much, last year. I’m expecting them to launch the Pebble 2 this year at CES. But, remember that is speculation and nothing is confirmed. Other than the fact that Pebble has something to show us in Vegas.

Pebble is planning to livestream their announcement next week, so we’ll be posting that as soon as we’ve got a link. As I know all of you want to know what Pebble has in store for us. I’m betting on a second Pebble or a fitness tracker, or both? This is the very reason why I decided to wait on picking up a Pebble. Which I almost did for Christmas. Also because I’ve seen so many sales for the Pebble smartwatch lately, as well as them giving 4,000 of them away to education. And right now the Pebble is on a 4-6 week backorder, unless you ordered the black one. Which could lead to the Pebble 2 being announced. Since it looks like they were trying to get rid of the Pebbles they still had in stock.

Pebble’s press conference kicks off on Monday, January 6th at 11am PST, which is 2pm EST. And we’ll be there to see what Pebble has in store for us. Who’s excited?