Patent Suggests That Samsung Could Be Designing A Phone Without A Home Button

With the wave of Android handsets that sport absolutely no buttons on the front face, legions of Samsung fans and owners of Samsung devices have expressed their opinions on whether they think Samsung should follow suit with their phones, and offer a device with a design that has no "Home Button", and instead integrate the "Home", "Menu", and "Back" keys into the main UI of the display. This is the way most devices look that are running stock Android 4.0+, and it actually looks really nice. This could also open up the door for more screen real estate, as there wouldn't need to be any extra room for buttons and soft keys. If it has been your wish that Samsung overhaul the designs of their devices a little bit more than they have been, you might soon get your wish. A new Patent suggests that Samsung might be developing and designing a phone that has no Home button, and also might come with a fingerprint scanner located on the back.

Recent design patents that have come to light and have been awarded to Samsung, seem to show of a rather interesting design for the phone with a button-less front face, and what looks like it could be a fingerprint scanner on the back as well. So far there has been no announcements from Samsung confirming the use of such designs on the Galaxy S 5, nor has there been any word from the company saying the new flagship wouldn't contain such features, but recent rumors have stated that the Galaxy S 5 would contain a fingerprint scanner though, and prior to that the rumor was that Samsung was adding in an iris scanner to their Galaxy S device. If those rumors en up having any sort of truth behind them, it is a possibility that this patent could be designs of the S5, although it's a slim chance. Since Samsung is usually very hush hush about their design ideas until they officially unveil stuff, we have no way of knowing whether this patent is anything more than Samsung just trying to secure any rights to such designs and ideas. Whether Samsung has decided to introduce features and designs like these in any of their upcoming devices remains to be seen, but we're confident that people would appreciate the design change if they had. On the flip side, we also know a lot of people love having the "Home Button" on front, and would be reluctant to give it up. What say you readers, would you rather Samsung keep the button on front? Or ditch it for something new and fresh that is more in line with utilizing Android's native UI buttons?

Source: USPTO ,Via: AndroidAuthority

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