The Padfone X For At&t Receives Wifi Certification; WebSite Says It's Coming Soon

When At&t announced back at CES that they were going to be carrying the Asus Padfone X in the future, it probably made more than a few people happy. For most, the Padfone X is probably not their cup of tea. We expect that it's only going to reach a niche group of people, since popular tablets like the Nexus 7 and The Galaxy Tab line seem to be more in line with most peoples styles and wants. For those that will be interested in this beautiful Smartphone and tablet/dock combo, you may not have to wait too long before you can get your hands on one. Even though At&t and their website are currently listing the release date as "Coming Soon", we could see this a lot sooner than we think.

We know there's no official date yet, but the Asus Padfone X has apparently just passed through its Wifi Certification, which is usually a big step on the path to launch. The model listed in question is the Padfone X model T100D, which is the same model that was listed as the variant that would be arriving for At&t when we saw the same model number pop up over on the GFXbench benchmarking website. These two listings together at the very least seem to confirm that the models are one in the same, but these tests aren't normally performed in the beginning stages of device development, so we think it's safe to speculate that we might see this available from At&t no too far from now.

We know that there are various options for users when they want access to a bigger display for all their browsing, files, and android apps, but the great thing about the Padfone line is that you can dock your phone into the tablet dock to basically mirror your screen. As opposed to having a tablet of roughly the same size as your dock and having to make sure all your needed or wanted files are in place, you simply just have to plug the phone into the dock and you're done. Not everyone will have a need for this sort of thing, but it certainly comes with an ease of use that carrying around two separate devices just can't provide. If you're an At&t customer, are you interested in the Asus Padfone X? Will you be picking one up on launch day?(whenever that happens to be)

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