Oppo N1 Shows Alternate Color In First Official Images

The Oppo N1 is a rather sleek looking device as it is, adorned in all white like it's ready for its wedding day. Many people aren't fond of the white color though which is why they'll be happy to see these first official images of the Oppo N1 in a brand new suit, strutting it's stuff down the runway in a dark hued blue color. As pointed out by PhoneArena, Oppo isn't referring to this new phone color as blue, but rather calling it Midnight Black. This is a puzzling choice as the phone is obviously blue and not black, but perhaps if you hold it in just the right light it has a hint of black tone? Almost like a pearlescent paint job maybe. This version of the N1 will supposedly have the same specs as the white variant, so there's no need to go racing for the wallet just yet if you think it might be updated with anything new. Still, the blue looks a lot better than the white don't you think?

Oppo has yet to officially announce the "Midnight Black" version of the device, but once it becomes available you can rest assured that we'll let you know so you can attempt to hastily pick one up. The N1 boasts some pretty amazing specs and features, and is well known for a monstrously huge display, but as of late it might be better known for being the first device to ship with CyanogenMod (the popular aftermarket Android firmware) out of the box. If all goes well for the Midnight Black N1, CyanogenMod and Oppo could team up again to offer CM based version of the device too. The device is certainly eye catching, and adds to the allure of having a fully rotatable camera that comes in at a whopping 13MP. Among other things the N1 also has a powerful Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor packed inside, just in case you need to do anything memory intensive.

What do you think about this new color of the Oppo N1? Did you like the white version better? Or would you not consider buying one regardless of the color because of price? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source/Image Credit: Gizchina

Via: PhoneArena

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