Oppo Denies The US Of Their Innovated And Well Designed Devices


Here in the U.S. we are waiting to see when Chinese OEMs will start expanding into this market. We have heard things here and there, but have yet to see actual devices. One device that consumers are really looking forward to is the Oppo Find 7. Problem is, these devices most likely won't be coming to a store near. However you can order it online at their store Oppo Style. Many of us would like to check out the devices before we purchase them but that is not possible with OPPO phones.

Oppo is an up and coming OEM with a lot of promise of shaking things up. The Find 7 is a high-end flagship device with impressive specs. Packing 3GB of Ram, a 3,000 mAh battery and a QHD display.  Though the specs are not the only interesting aspects of this device. The features are pushing the bounds in other markets. Things like the camera that is capable of 50MP like quality images. They achieve this using technology that we haven't seen in smartphones before. This is called innovation and it is welcomed by everyone. Oppo has done plenty of things that are innovative and impressive. The camera on the N1 is on a swivel, so you can flip the camera, making it a front facing or back facing camera. Not only is Oppo very good at innovation-proven in their short lifespan thus far- but they are also very good at design.


The devices pushed out by Oppo so far have been well-built using great materials. We are talking devices that compete with the builds of HTC in China markets. Which brings us to another point. In China, Oppo has already become a very popular brand. As popular if not more than Xiaomi, or ZTE. That is not an easy feat. Being a newly developed company and outselling world-renowned companies like Nokia. Just shows how well-developed their devices must be, problem is we couldn't tell you for sure. Oppo has yet to bring any device to the US, and things get even worse from there. We at Android Headlines love that we are trusted by companies to test devices and bring you hands on reviews. This is a good way for companies to show off their products, and for consumers to get honest reviews of products. However for Oppo, they must feel this is an unnecessary form of advertising. We understand that the device is not available in the US unless you order it online, which could play a role in their decision, but our site has readers from all over the world. So when they tell us that the only way for us to review their latest device is to purchase a device with a 10% off to review units, you better believe we say no thanks. That is why you will not see any unboxing videos, or hands on reviews of any Oppo device on our site unfortunately. Until Oppo decides to change this, we will have to pass. That said, Oppo is still an innovative company.

Innovation is what helps build the name of an Android OEM. Bringing something to the space that no one else has or has seen before. If done correctly these innovations could launch an OEM from the bottom, to third or second place here in the states. Unfortunately, the innovation trend has taken a strategic turn here. It is no secret that in the U.S. Android space, Samsung is the top dog. However we haven't seen too much innovation come from Samsung like we have from Oppo. The small and courageous company would be interesting stateside. Mostly because it will bring hope that other companies will be forced to up their innovation game. However until then, we will be stuck paying full price from online retailers for Oppo devices. This means no purchasing from our carriers. Thus, no fire will be lit under Samsung or HTC's feet.

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