OnePlus Teasing "Best Specs", Best Industrial Design and More for Upcoming CyanogenMod Phone



Last year we saw one of the most installed Android ROMs out there become a legitimate company called CyanogenMod Inc. Needless to say, it was pretty exciting for the community as it finally felt like software on mobile devices could change for the better. Not only is CyanogenMod built on top of Android's brilliant foundation, but it adds a whole lot more delivering an experience you wouldn't find out of place on a smartphone languishing on a Best Buy shelf. That's exactly what's happening with CyanogenMod and in fact, the Oppo N1 has already launched in a variant with the CyanogenMod ROM pre-installed. Recently, we've heard of another company enter the fray with what they're teasing as a true "CyanogenMod Phone", exciting stuff for sure and they've recently taken to Facebook and Google+ to tease us that little bit more.


First of all, they've been making some bold statements about the device's specs, saying that it's going to feature the "Best Specs" fit for a 2014 flagship, then they told us that it would be supporting LTE in a big way. With bands 1/3/4/7/17/38/39/40/41 all supported by the upcoming device, it should be able to get 4G data in most parts of the world. With LTE support and the "best specs" covered, it certainly looks like the OnePlus is going to be a great phone, but what about looks? Well, they have something to say about that as well.


With the company promising better industrial design than anyone else out there right now, they're making some lofty claims. This is all without actually seeing much of the phone either, which makes us a little skeptical as to just what the OnePlus CyanogenMod phone will launch with. After all, "best specs" is up for interpretation. Does that mean a Quad-Core Snapdragon 805 or a Tegra K1, is that 2GB or 3GB of RAM? "Best specs" to some might mean something entirely different to others. As for the industrial design tease well, OnePlus is going up against industry stalwarts like HTC, Samsung and Apple, all companies that have been famed for their great designs like the HTC One. Still, this is exciting stuff and hopefully, the OnePlus can become the CyanogenMod phone we've all been waiting to see.


Via: PhoneArena
Source/Images: OnePlus

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