NVIDIA Wants To Bring Supercomputing To Your Car; Will Use Tegra K1 To Do It

Not too long ago NVIDIA announced what their plans were for the future of mobile computing, and the future advancements of the Tegra technology, with the Tegra K1 Chip. This 192 core super CPU will offer up some amazing power, not just for games, but for computing as a whole. NVIDIA doesn't want just your games to be a surreal experience though, they want you have the power of supercomputing in your cars as well. NVIDIA loves cars, and they certainly weren't shy about expressing that feeling in their livestream press event. Since they have such a soft spot for them, NVIDIA plans to bring supercomputing technology to cars in the future with their new Tegra K1 chip.

It sounds like quite a lofty goal to bring supercomputing to vehicles, but not so much when you learn that Tegra K1 is built with the same exact architecture, as the GPU that powers the world's 10 most energy efficient supercomputers. NVIDIA has accomplished quite a feat of magnificence with this chip, and integrating it into cars could allow untold possibilities in the computing department. With the Tegra K1, we'll begin to see things from auto applications that weren't possible before like low power consumption and camera-based ADAS(advanced driver assistance systems), as well as Customizable Digital Dashboards. Tegra K1 will even help further advancements in the realm of self driving vehicles. As stated by NVIDIAs VP of Automotive Business Taner Ozcelik:

"To process the steady deluge of sensor and camera data required by a self-driving car, NVIDIA is bringing highly energy-efficient supercomputer technology inside the vehicle"

Such advancements in the world of mobile computing means we'll have many more possibilities for how we interact with our vehicles, especially once we start to see some of our mobile devices being powered with the same chip. Imagine in a year's time, maybe two, being able to sit behind the wheel of your vehicle and have a dash mounted camera system monitor your blind spots so you can switch lanes more safely, or recognize street signs so you don't miss that all important turn. It's all possible with the power of Tegra K1. What do you think about NVIDIAs announcement of the K1 Chip and the capabilities and automotive applications they plan to power with it? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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