Nvidia Updates The Tegrazone App; Non-Tegra Devices Are Now Supported

For those of you that may already know what the Tegrazone app is, Nvidia has just updated the app to support more devices, along with bringing the app some nice new features for those that have already been using it. We know that not everyone may have an idea about what Tegrazone is or why they'd want it, and quite simply put, if you don't use a tegra powered device, it may not be of any use to you at all. The good thing is, that should you decide that you want to give the app a try and see for yourself if it's something you would use, you can now download the app straight from the Google Play Store. For Tegra powered devices, the app is usually already installed out of the box.

What does the Tegrazone app do? For starters it gives you a place to access to access games that are totally optimized for Tegra powered phones and tablets, as well as any other tegra powered device like the shield. Besides that though, you can read and sift through the latest Tegra related news, which is usually pretty helpful if you're wanting to stay up to date on any upcoming Tegra specific or optimized games. When you open up the app there are three sections in which you can access Tegra related content, Spotlight, Games, and News. Games and News are obvious as to what they provide, as these are the sections where you find the list of Tegra games, and Tegra related news. The spotlight section is a mashup of both, bringing together the highlighted games and highlighted pieces of the latest Tegra news.

Also added in this new update, is support for Google Play Games services, and the ability to sign in with your Google+ account, and get access to an achievements list, much like the ones you would find in certain games that support the google play games services. There's also said to be some bug fixes with this update, but it's likely that if you weren't using the device often enough you probably wouldn't notice the changes. It's a bit odd to find that an app such as Tegrazone would end up with a feature such as achievements, but sure enough you can obtain achievements for writing a certain number reviews, sharing a certain number of things, and you can even obtain achievements for downloading a certain number of games. If you're using a non-tegra device with this app, upon attempting to download a game from the list, a message pops up that says "non-tegra device detected" and diverts you to the Play Store to download said game. So far this doesn't seem to affect anything, but it also may be because I tried to download a non-tegra specific game. Even though I was diverted to the Play Store to download "Vendetta Online" after i hit the download button, I was still able to get the Tegrazone achievement for "first download". If you're looking for a way to keep up on all the latest Tegra related news and games, jump to the Play Store link to grab the app for an install.

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