Notion Ink Adam II Now Available In Europe For €219 And Up


Notion Ink isn't a company that you've likely heard too much from, or nothing at all really if you don't keep up with Android news all the time.  There's a pretty good reason for that since their one and only tablet on the market, the Adam, didn't really make much of a splash when it landed in 2011.  Despite being incredibly unique and having a very Kindle-esque screen that's readable outside but still displays everything you'd want it to, Notion Ink had a difficult time making a name for itself and its tablet.  The Adam II was speculated for a while, but finally launched in India at the end of 2013 with a budget price tag.  Now Notion Ink is looking to make global availability more of a thing with a European release, and it's also trying to get in that budget tablet range.  Unfortunately that also means some pretty budget specs, but Notion Ink is hoping you won't worry about that since it's got another trick up its sleeve for the Adam II; a 100 x 5 pixel micro display on the "spine" of the tablet much like the spine of a book.  This micro display will give you notifications at a glance, show a list of running apps and display any kind of custom text that you'd like.   Unfortunately since this isn't a standard Android feature Notion Ink is going to have to build in more compatibility with other apps, meaning you may or may not get more use out of this than what's mentioned above.

Spec wise the Adam II isn't going to be taking home any awards for top-of-the-line hardware, but it's more than capable of keeping up with your daily tasks.  Armed with a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 CPU and a quad-core Mali-400 GPU, this thing is essentially somewhere around Galaxy S III or Note II power, which means you've got enough power to play games or watch movies.  Multi-tasking isn't going to be the strong suit of the Adam II, but with 1GB of RAM it's not entirely anemic either.  Notion Ink has put Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on here, so while the OS is well over a year old it still feels pretty competent when compared to some other budget tablets on the market, and Notion Ink even built in proper Bluetooth 4.0 support.  The 1280 x 800 pixel screen won't necessarily wow you with it's crispness either, but that keeps the memory and processor requirements down to a minimum.  The WiFi-only model retails for €219, and a 3G version can be had for €249.  Overall while the Nexus 7 is likely a better deal, the Adam II offers some unique features that might just sway you in its direction.  Besides the interesting monochrome spine screen, it also has dual front-facing speakers on the top and a rather unique overall design for a tablet.  If you're interested head on over to Notion Ink's website and check out the tablet for yourself.


Source: Notion Ink|Via: liliputing

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