Nokia's Android Smartphone Reportedly Named Nokia X

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The Nokia Normandy is hitting headlines yet again, but this time around we might actually have a name for the long-rumored Android device. According to Twitter tipster @evleaks, the Normandy will be called the Nokia X when it (hopefully) launches. "Normandy" was apparently just a working name for the phone, which we've seen pop up more than a few times in the recent past. In many news items, we've actually seen prototype builds of the Nokia X, so this phone has at least made it to that stage of development. The reason why these rumors seem to be so popular is because Nokia has never made an Android handset before, and with Microsoft announcing plans to buy Nokia's mobile business last year, it looked like we'd only see Nokia-branded Windows Phones from then on. While we can't imagine any lack of Windows Phones from Nokia in the future, the idea that the company could release an Android phone has made some heads turn, to say the least.

We recently heard that a launch date for the device could come as early as March 25, 2014, so there may be reason to believe that the Nokia X is more than just a simple prototype destined to never get off the ground. That's the hope, anyway, and the constant stream of rumors is doing nothing to quell the flames of desire. It should be noted that if the Nokia X is a real device, the information we've heard thus far points to it being a low-end smartphone, so technophiles probably aren't going to find much value in the handset. Not only that, but Nokia appears to be rolling with a forked version of Android for the X, so even though it'll be running Google's immensely popular OS, it probably won't be a version that many folks recognize. Regardless, that isn't stopping consumers from getting excited. While this talk of a Nokia X is just speculation – and should therefore be treated as such – keep in mind that it is coming from @evleaks, which has proven to be a consistently reliable source of information. For now, though, we'll just have to keep an ear to the ground as we inch ever closer to this supposed March 25 launch date. Stay tuned.


Source: @evleaks
Via: PhoneArena