New Type of Li-ion Battery May Find its Way Into the Galaxy S5 – 2900mAh and Rapid Charging

New Battery

Little is still really known about the Samsung Galaxy S5 – at this point there have been rumors that point to discrepancies about screen size, display resolution, what materials will be used for the case, possibly two models, what processor will find its way inside, when it will be revealed, camera specifications, will it have a fingerprint scanner, eye scanner, or no scanner, and now even the battery type and size that it will sport. The Galaxy S4 uses a 2600mAh battery, so we are assuming/hoping that the Galaxy S5 will have a larger battery, especially if it comes with the QHD (2560 x 1440) display resolution, as the screens suck the life out of our batteries.

Some tipsters at PhoneArena are claiming that the battery will be 2900mAh and include rapid charging technology, allowing it a complete recharge in less than two hours.  The tipsters also claim that this newer type of Li-ion battery can hold about 20-percent more energy in the same footprint.  This could mean that even with the increase in capacity (2600mAh to 2900mAh), the size of the battery could remain the same. This new type of battery is made by a startup based in the Silicon Valley, Amprius, and apparently have been already shipping to smartphone makers – and the Galaxy S5 could be one of the first new smartphones to be powered by one.

Battery technology has not really kept up with the rest of technology – it always seems to be an afterthought…oh yeah, we need to slap a bigger battery in than last year so it will last longer, rather than what can we do to shrink that battery in size and give us more juice.  However, with the rapid advancements in mobile technology, customers and manufacturers are crying out and demanding more from their battery – lighter, smaller, flexible, curved…all with more power.

Sanford’s Yi Cui, the founder of Amprius, is the mastermind behind the use of a silicon nanotube anode, the transparent lithium battery, and the everlasting water-based battery – none of which are ready for primetime, but it shows you his forward thinking.  However, they are promoting a more conventional Li-ion battery with a silicon anode (negative; cathode is positive), rather than the standard issue graphite or carbon.  The benefits of silicone have long been known and Amprius has worked this technology into a battery that is being used now and with smartphone manufacturers looking into them, it may find its way into your new Galaxy S5.  Yes, another rumor to add to our growing list, but hopefully Samsung will let us all know all of the Galaxy S5’s specs in the near future.

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