New Leak Suggests Samsung is Creating a New, Google Now-Inspired TouchWiz Revamp

Ever since Samsung has become a major player in the smartphone industry, they have been using their own heavily tweaked version of Android, which they call the TouchWiz UI.  What this means is that they change how the user interacts with the device, creating a 'middle man' between the operating system and the user.  While TouchWiz does have its own group of fans, most Android lovers don't like all the things that TouchWiz brings with it, and choose to go with a third-party launcher application to minimize these changes.  For a full comparison of most the most popular Android skins, take a look at our in-depth look.  TouchWiz itself has been criticized for making phones look cluttered, run less efficiently, and take up valuable memory and storage with bloatware.  It would seem that Samsung is learning from the critiques of the Android community.  A recent leak posted by @evleaks shows an extremely different TouchWiz that looks like it was inspired by Google Now's cards, combining information that is actually useful on a day-to-day basis, rather than a bunch of gimmicks that feel, well, gimmicky.


With Samsung's massive success with their Galaxy lines of phones, all of which, minus the Galaxy Discover,  have some version of TouchWiz on them, it is interesting to see them take a new approach to this.  Could this be an effort to overcome the criticism that the S4 was too similar to the S3, and Samsung is now looking to make an entirely new user experience on the S5, whenever it comes out?  I certainly hope so. If Samsung is trying to fix this, then it can only lead to good things.  But what do you think?  Is this a positive move on Samsung's part?  Is the current TouchWiz still too clunky and bogged down for your taste?  If Samsung were to fix this, would it be enough to get you back on their phones?  Let us know in the comments!

Via:  The Next Web
Source/Image: @evleaks

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