New AT&T Slogan Fights Back Against T-Mobile and Verizon

Thinking back, it may be hard to pinpoint when exactly mobile service providers started being so outspoken and attacking each other via advertising. Though many bets will go towards T-Mobile, and their CEO, John Legere, who has no problem saying exactly what he thinks. It has also become apparent that Legere has AT&T in his cross hairs. After almost a full year of fielding blows AT&T is starting to fight back, in the form of statements, discounts for ex-T-Mobile customers and a new slogan.

The new slogan doesn't focus on T-Mobile, AT&T has thrown Verizon into the mix, though Verizon has not thrown too much around just yet. The slogan AT&T has introduced at CES 2014 is " Bigger than T-Mobile, faster than Verizon, and more reliable than everybody."

Definitely a...different approach by AT&T...? It isn't exactly a roll off the tongue slogan, nor does it scream clever, but it does do what AT&T CMO says it was aimed to do. According to David Christopher, the slogan is to define their strengths, and be a bit more aggressive than they have been in the past. In an interview with FierceWireless, Christopher said "We want to focus on what we bring to the market and tout our capabilities. We will never go away from that."

The slogan alone isn't enough to quiet down Legere and team magenta, but tying that slogan with the $450 offer made to customers who switch from T-Mobile to AT&T, at least they have entered the fight. If anything, these moves by AT&T show a bit of fear of T-Mobile, and only invites Verizon to the fight as well.

We still haven't heard anything from T-Mobile at CES just yet, and they are expected to release some new plans to attract customers from AT&T, which is what fueled AT&T to make the first moves in the first place, so we need to pay close attention to what happens next. At the rate these companies are going, the biggest winner seems to be the consumers. Whether its because you just get a laugh at seeing and hearing whats going on between the CEOs or because you saved or earned a bunch of cash just by switching back and forth, we the consumers are the winners.

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