New App Pact Pays You for Eating Well, Charges You for Eating Badly


So, let's be honest here, dear readers - leave a comment below if you said to yourself maybe today, or New Year's Day, that you were going to eat better and lose weight in 2014. For those of you that are seriously planning on sticking to such a resolution, should take a look at a newly refined app for Android (and iOS) called Pact. What used to be called GymPact, is now simply Pact and it essentially rewards those that stick to their pacts and meet their targets. It also penalizes those that don'#t meet their targets. With their wallets.

Pact has three different types of pacts to choose from, Gym Pact, Food Log Pact and Veggie Pact. They all essentially offer the same thing but, the Veggie Pact side of things is new to the app and should be the easiest one for new users to get to know the app. With the Veggie Pact, you're rewarded for eating your targeted amount of fruit and vegetables, with money. You set the stakes with Pact and if you don't meet your targets, you'll have to pay the piper. In fact, the app's slogan is simply "earn cash for healthy living, paid by members who don't" Certainly, this all sounds pretty harsh but, the YouTube video from Pact is both positive and encouraging:

Getting started with the app is relatively simple, for more info you can head over to their website or head to the Play Store to download it and get started right away. We have to hand it to these guys, releasing an update like this on the 2nd of January is genius and while many users will probably have to pay Pact for the first few weeks, this seems like a good way to get users motivated. After all, it's been said before that the only way to get people to really do anything in today's world is to flash a little cash and Pact is effectively doing just that. Let us know what you think in the comments below and come say hello over on Google+!

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