New Android 4.4.2 – KitKat Build Surfaces in the Wild – Build KJT49K

January 7, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

The folks over at Myce, have come across a new build of Android 4.4.2 in the Chromium issue tracker. This build is running on the Hammerhead, which is the Nexus 5. And according to the reporting user, it’s another Android 4.4.2 build. The same build number can also be found on websites that are tracking user agents. For those wondering, the user agent is a string which identifies the used browser and OS and is sent with all page requests.

Back when Cupcake was the latest version of Android (I know, a long time ago), Google has given each build a unique build number. And it’s easy to decode it. The first letter stands for the version of Android, so in this case, the K is for KitKat. The second letter represents the branch. The next three characters are for the date. So in this case, the T49 means November 18, 2013. The letter stands for the quarter (starting with Q1 2009 as A) and the 49 stands for the 49th day in that quarter, which is obviously November 18th. Finally the last letter represents how many builds were made that day. So this is the eleventh build done on November 18th.

So we don’t really know what’s new with this build, but since it’s still supposedly Android 4.4.2, I’d expect it to be a really small upgrade, since it’s not being bumped up to Android 4.4.3. We may see it start rolling out to devices soon, as I’m sure Google is close to being done with testing this build, unless they found some issues, then we may never see this build. But that’s the joy of having a Nexus device, getting all these updates, I know Nexus users aren’t going to mind…right?

How many of you are still having issues with your Nexus 4, 5, 7 (2012), 7 (2013), or Nexus 10? Perhaps this build is to rectify those issues. Let us know in the comments below.