Nest Makes Push To Squash Any Concerns About Privacy Due To Google's Acquisition Of The Company


Nest has had quite the little bit of blow back due to Google's acquisition of the company, with plenty of people concerned about privacy issues and making complaints about how this buyout would affect the use of the Smart Thermostats, if even at all. The major issue here with the acquisition is that people are concerned about their privacy, and are concerned that this is just one more way for big brother to know everything about you. While these concerns are understandable, because Google already has their hand in just about everything these days it seems, there might be nothing to worry about for those that like to steer clear of sharing this type of information.

Nest CEO Tony Fadell addressed these issues and concerns with a statement, saying that the company had no plans to make any sort of changes as of yet. He was quick to let people know that the only data tracking being completed remains that of Nest trying to retrieve data about their products and how to better improve them, and nothing else as of this time. He also stated that should things change concerning their policies or the way the products work, that they would let consumers know and that they would have the option to utilize them. Think Google's location reporting on your Android smartphone. This is what Tony had to say during the DLD conference where the issue about the Google acquisition was brought up.

"At this point, there are no changes. The data that we collect is all about our products and improving them. If there were ever any changes whatsoever, we would be sure to be transparent about it, number one, and number two for you to opt-in to it."


For now, Nest seems to be keeping things genuine and going about collecting data the way they always have, and looks to still be providing the original product and service experience they have from the beginning. While some people went the extra mile and returned their products or stopped using their Nest thermostats, if others haven't yet made their decision, perhaps hearing directly from the companies CEO helped keep them calm about the matter. It's obvious that Google and Nest have some big plans for the products, and Fadell was open about the fact that talks between Google and Nest have actually been happening for years now. It'll be interesting to see where the offerings from Nest go now that Google should play a bigger role in how the future products develop. Has anyone acquired one of these thermostats yet? Have you held off for the time being due to the Google acquisition?

Source: TheNextWeb
Via: AndroidCentral