Motorola's Moto X Now Available in the UK from Phones4u


When the Moto X first launched in the US, it made a compelling case for experience over specs, something that Android hasn't really had for a very long time, if ever. With its 720p 4.7-inch display and dual-core CPU, the Moto X didn't really stand up that well against other devices such as the HTC One or Samsung's Galaxy S4. However, what it did do, was create a compelling experience with software features such as embracing voice control at all times and of course, the Moto Maker. Still, the device wasn't going to launch in the UK, or the rest of Europe, or at least that was the line at launch, anyway. Now though, the Moto X is finally available in the UK, through Phones4u. Without the Moto Maker however, is the Moto X as compelling a device?

The Moto X doesn't officially go on sale in the UK until February 1st, but Phones4u has jumped the gun a little and is selling the device in either black or white (which is exclusive to the retailer for the first three months). The Moto X may well have been on offer in the US a number of times in the last few months, but it's not going to be cheap in the UK. At £389.95 for the SIM-unlocked version of the Moto X (with 16GB of storage) it's considerably more expensive than the £300 Nexus 5 and quite a bit underpowered. However, for those looking for a great experience, and not just some of the best specs, the Moto X could still pose a great option. Those wanting to sign on the dotted line can pick up the Moto X on contract from £25 a month.


It's taken a long time for the Moto X to make its way to the UK and the Moto Maker is still a US exclusive – for understandable reasons – and as such it's definitely lost some of its appeal. However, we found Motorola's Moto X a return to form in our review, no matter what color you get. If you've been waiting for the Moto X to cross the pond, let us know in the comments below!

Via: Android Central, Source: Phones4u

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