Motorola Shows off Moto X Designs for 49ers, Broncos, Patriots and Seahawks Fans

January 19, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Today, the NFC and AFC championship games are taking place. With the winners going to the Super Bowl which takes place in New York this year, at Met Life Stadium. Which could be a blizzard Super Bowl since Met Life Stadium is not a dome. So who you got for today’s games and the Super Bowl winner? I’m always pulling for Brady and the Patriots.

Motorola is showing off designs for all four of the remaining playoff teams. The 49ers, Broncos, Patriots and Seahawks. And I must say they look really nice! Of course, I’m sure many of us already designed our Moto X based on our favorite team. For instance, my Moto X is designed based on the University of Michigan Wolverines. So it’s navy blue and yellow (maize and blue).

Remember the Moto X is currently on sale for $49 on contract, or $400 off contract. For those that are looking to upgrade their Verizon phone without losing unlimited data, this is probably the best way to do it. Sure the Moto X is a few months old, but it’s still a great device. Of course, there are those wooden backs that are going live on January 21st, so if you want a Ebony, Teak or Walnut back on your Moto X, you may want to wait til then.

What I’d like to see from Motorola in the future, though, is the ability to choose your favorite team on MotoMaker and have it select the colors automatically. Say you want your Moto X with the colors of the Boston Red Sox, just click on the Red Sox in MotoMaker, and voila. It would definitely market itself, at least in my opinion.


How many of you are going to be picking up a Moto X soon with any of these color variations? Also, who are you picking to win their respective games later on today? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: PhoneArena
Source: Phandroid