Moto G On Its Way To Vodafone UK To Provide Low Cost Mid-Range Quality To All


If you happen to be a UK resident like our own Tom Dawson, and you’re a Vodafone Subscriber, (heck, even if you’re not) it’s time to save a few pennies and get excited, as Vodafone UK has just announced that they will begin offering Motorola’s low cost Mid-Range handset, the Moto G soon. This comes hot on the heels of information about the Moto X potentially landing in Europe next week, where the Moto G has already been launched. The Moto G for those who are unaware is Motorola’s answer to providing a first rate quality handset to customers at a low cost, all wrapped up with timely Android updates to keep the pace with Nexus devices like the Nexus 5, Nexus 4, and 2013 Nexus 7.

Although the Moto G is already extremely cheap in price from Motorola at $179 for the 8GB version and $199 for the 16GB version full retail without contract, you can bet that Vodafone will be offering the phone at an even lower price than that. Although, that is purely speculation on our part still, and Vodafone hasn’t actually mentioned anything regarding the price of the handset when launched and offered on their network. Vodafone appears to be keeping that information a secret until they actually launch the smartphone, which we know will be soon but we still don’t have any word on an official date, only that they will be offering this phone as a choice to consumers. Even better news to go along with the fact that UK residents will now be able to grab a Moto G, is that it will come with Android 4.4 Kit Kat pre-installed out of the box. That means no waiting for updates even though they probably wouldn’t have taken long to reach users anyways.

Ever since the official announcement from Motorola about its quest to bring a quality handset experience to customers with a low cost price tag in the form of the Moto G, it seems to be all some people can talk about. It is of course still overshadowed by conversations about Samsung’s next big Flagship device, the Galaxy S 5, but Full retail cost for a phone that only sets the consumer $199 AND gets OTA updates with the newest versions of Android alongside the Nexus line, is definitely worth a few words. What about it UK residents. Will you be making the jump to a Moto G when offered? Let us know what you think in the comments.