The Mojo Android Console Gets Rooted, Gains Increased Availability To Play Store And Specific Apps

January 28, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

When you think about the rooting process you might not typically think of including Android powered game consoles. Perhaps this is just because they’re extremely new and only a handful of them are floating around out there. The fact is that really anything that is running Android has the potential to be rooted, and Android game consoles are no different. Such is the case with the MOJO console from Mad Catz, which is so far the most recent Android Game console to hit the market. Thanks to the good folks over at MoDaCo, a root has come to the MOJO allowing increased availability to the Play Store and apps within. Since the MOJO already runs Android, you’d think you wouldn’t need to root it to get access to the Play Store, and if you did think that then you’d be right. The MOJO has access to the Play Store out of the box, but rooting it can open up the access to any and all apps, including those are meant specifically for one type of device.

Once you’re ready to root your MOJO console, the process is fairly easy and doesn’t take too much of your time. Honestly, it takes almost no time at all. You just have to grab the new boot.img download called superboot from the moDaCo website, and then proceed to load that up to your shiny MOJO console, and then boot up the console. This is probably the easiest and least time consuming root process you’ll ever have to do for any device, and we couldn’t be happier that it takes virtually almost no time at all.

If you want to get started with rooting your MOJO console, first you’ll want to download the superboot zip file and extract it to a directory, and you can find the download over at the MoDaCo website, then once you have done that you want to make sure that you get your device to enter the bootloader. You can find the full set of steps to get everything done, and grab the superboot download file over at MoDaCo, and then proceed to follow all the instructions to the letter. Once the process is done, you’re MOJO console should be rooted and good to go. If you have a MOJO, will you be attempting this process?

Source: MoDaCo | Via: Droid Gamers