Meizu Officially Announces The MX4G And It's Pint Sized Counterpart The MX4G Mini

MEIZU MX Quad core e1390333566617

After plenty of speculation and rumors about their next set of flagship devices, popular Chinese Manufacturer Meizu has finally “Officially” announced the Meizu MX4G and the Meizu MX4G Mini. Both new devices are scheduled to launch by the end of 2014. That doesn’t really give us a whole lot to go off of in terms of finding out what the actual release date could be for the next generation of high end devices from Meizu, unfortunately not much else was given in terms of information from Meizu’s Chairman of the Board J. Wong, when he outted the announcement over the popular Chinese social network Weibo. At least we know that they’re scheduled to release sometime towards the end of the year, or it would seem by Wong’s statement.

Other than the official announcement from Meizu that these two new devices are in fact on their way, Wong said nothing in regards to official specs or features of either device, so were stuck with rumors on that front for now. However, Wong did mention and was able to confirm the minimum screen size we could expect from the MX4G. While this isn’t the exact size of the display, we at least have something to go off of. Wong confirmed that the MX4G would have at least a 5 inch display, so if we take that into consideration along with the rumors about it’s actual size which has been said to be 5.5 inches, we can speculate that it might be about the size of the Galaxy Note 2.

With Meizu’s official announcement out of the way about he MX4G and the MX4G Mini, now we have to wonder, when will they announce pricing and release dates? As well as release regions? We will see it have a similar price to the Meizu MX3 when it released? Undoubtedly it will probably be a bit higher as it is rumored to have a bigger display and will most likely have more powerful specs, the question remains, just how much more if the price exceeds that of Meizu’s last flagship?

Source & Image Credit: Pocketdroid

Via: Talk Android