MediaTek Announces Wireless Charging Module with both Inductive and Resonance Charging

MediaTek has had a solid presence at CES 2014 this year, announcing new chipsets including one specially designed for wearable devices. They aren't done yet, though. MediaTek has also announced a new wireless charging module that combines both inductive and resonance charging. This single module covers both types of wireless charging and will make it very easy for manufacturers to build wireless charging into their devices.

Inductive charging is what most manufacturers currently use in their devices. Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and just about everyone else that it making phones with wireless charging capabilities have are using inductive charging. The Qi wireless charging standard is based on inductive technology. Resonance charging is another way to do things, and it offers some benefits over inductive charging. Resonance charging creates a larger magnetic field, allowing for more than one device to be charged at a time. The charger just has to be large enough and powerful enough. Because of the larger charging field, devices don't have to be perfectly aligned with the charging mat in order to accept a charge. Resonance charging also can be carried over longer distances. If the charging mat were large enough, you could charge your devices from across the room. MediaTek has published a paper on the different types of wireless charging if you're interested in getting some more details.

MediaTek is offering both of these options in one module with the hope that more manufacturers begin using wireless charging. The company has also pointed out that their new module will charge almost any device, old and new. The module can charge devices with different power consumptions from a single coil, so there's no need for multiple charging mats.

2014 is finally going to be the year that the mass consumer market begins ditching their wires and moving to wireless charging. Intel has announced a resonance charging bowl at CES, and other companies are getting in on the game, too. The new Rezence wireless charging standard is based on the same technology and aims to offer more efficient charging that current offerings. It's about time.

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